Lameck Sithole-Chipatuko   

Trigerminal Neuralgia

“The acupuncture I received from Dr Ilan Shahor of Burbage House Health Clinic  Hinckley gave me my life back. I had suffered chronic pain from Trigerminal Neuralgia which was quite intensive electrifying pain throughout my face. The NHS doctors told me there was no cure for this but gave me medication to numb it but the pain persisted. I researched and some one had posted on the internet that acupuncture had helped him . So I contacted Burbage House Health Clinic in Hinckley.  When I visited the clinic and out of 10 scale My pain was 19 out of 10 The pain was intense and experienced bouts of electric shock throughout my face and left side of my head. After my first session of acupuncture from Dr Ilan Shahor my pain drastically reduced to 7 out of 10. There was significant improvement with every session I had. Now after a couple of sessions I am pain free. I will advise anyone with Trigerminal Nerve Pain / Neuralgia to try acupuncture ( Dr Ilan Shahor) brought my life back and I am pain free.

Bladder Dysfunction

After a medical procedure to investigate reoccurring bladder infections my bladder ceased to function. I was told at the time that my bladder had gone into trauma and things should right themselves in a couple of days, this did not happen, I saw different doctors and consultants and was informed that the nerves in my bladder were damaged and I would have to use a catheter for life.

Two years later I attended a talk on acupuncture and asked if acupuncture could help me, I was assured that it would definitely help and was advised that I should go to an acupuncturist that had at least 5 years training.

After my first session with Ilan Shahor I was able to empty my bladder naturally, just the once, gradually over the weeks of treatment my bladder gradually got stronger and after 3 months my bladder is now working normally.

For 6 months I had a constant headache with severe spasms and contacted Ilan as a strong western medication was giving me terrible side effects and not easing the pain. After three treatments by Ilan the spasms were less severe and the headache eased. I then began to reduce the western medication and this was completely replaced by Chinese herbs. After 12 treatments my headaches no longer exist.

Ilan treated my whole being and has also worked on menopausal symptoms, sleep and bowel trouble all of which are much better Now instead of feeling like trudging uphill in treacle, I have a spring in my step, I feel so well in my whole self and others have noticed the change in me.

Insomnia and Headaches

I woke up one morning and realised that for a long time I had changed from the person I used to be. I suffered headaches, slept badly, woke in the mornings with feelings of apprehension and did not enjoy the company of others. Many years ago my menopausal symptoms were treated successfully by acupuncture and so I contacted Ilan Shahor. After a thorough consultation I was treated with a programme of herbs and acupuncture and as my symptoms lessened the time between sessions became longer. I found both the ambience of the clinic and the acupuncture treatments relaxing and would recommend both. I feel like my old self again.

Rita Croxford:
Croxford-Abdominal Pain, Lung Problems, Arthritis

I had suffered for seven years with low abdomen pain every day, and was very down and miserable, when I heard of Ilan Shahor. (Western Medicine had no effect). After only a few treatments my general health was so improved and energy restored that I was able to enjoy life again. This delivered without side effects that many pills create.

My husband has also been successfully treated for a breathing problem, and now for arthritis. I thoroughly recommend the clinic for the quality of its care, and what it achieves. “After only a few treatments my general health was so improved and energy restored, that I was able to enjoy life again. All this was delivered without the nasty side effects that so many pills create.”

Menopausal Symptoms

When I first started seeing Ilan I was suffering from severe menopausal symptoms which had been making my life a misery. I had night sweats, sleeplessness, memory loss and a terrible lack of concentration which was really beginning to affect my work detrimentally. I was desperate for some help. Ilan was amazing. He treated me with a regime of herbs which he carefully monitored and adjusted weekly to take into account all of the physical effects I was experiencing.

After only a six week course of herbs I was delighted to find that all of my symptoms had completely disappeared and there has been no recurrence since then. I am particularly grateful that my memory and concentration have returned.

His individual care and attention to my needs was second to none. I felt that I was truly being listened to and that all my needs were being taken into account in a way that Western medicine could not provide.

Mrs Daeming:
Chronic Fatigue

I used to suffer with chronic fatigue, diarrhoea and tremors which meant that I was virtually a prisoner in my own home. Since Ilan started treating me with a mixture of both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture my quality of life has improved beyond recognition. I would go so far as to say that his treatment and care of me have been a real ‘life saving experience.’

Mrs J. H. – High Peak:

One minute I’m riding a bike, next I’m riding in a wheelchair unable to stand or support my own body weight. Triggered by the flu jab, it was sudden and devastating. After six months of NHS and private hospitals I had no diagnosis and no improvement. Life was very bleak. A role reversal for the children (11 & 13) looking after me, and a life of physical aids to replace those useless and futile limbs.

Unable to accept this sentence, my supportive family started to investigate alternative medicine for me. I especially wanted to find a practitioner qualified in Western and Eastern medicine. I had heard herbs could be quite potent, and the trust element was vital to me. I found my total convert in Ilan Shahor, who is totally dedicated, and, like me, realised that Western medicine did not always have the answers or cures.

Although acupuncture was useful, my remarkable turnaround came with the Chinese herbs (reluctant as I was to take them). Futility persuaded me to try, and I am elevated. I’m out of “the chair”, “off the crutches” and improving all the time. I have yet to regain my original stamina however, but Rome wasn’t built in a day! Where there’s a will…

Thank you, Ilan.

Claire T:

Ilan Shahor has given me the hope and treatment that was required to successfully treat my chronic fatigue syndrome, when no Western medicine alternatives were available.

I was bedridden for six months in the early stages of my condition, but am now rebuilding my life again gradually, and returning to full health. I believe this would not have been possible without the acupuncture and traditional Chinese Medicine that Ilan administers.

Graham Brown:
Shoulder Pain

Ilan Shahor’s acupuncture has been invaluable in my being able to use my manual wheelchair. My right shoulder was giving me a lot of pain. Also my left elbow and wrist were giving me considerable pain until I had treatment. I have recommended Ilan’s treatment to my friends.

Katy Smart:

My two year old daughter suffered with eczema on the back of her right knee for six months before we took her to see Ilan. Up to that point the eczema got steadily worse no matter what we tried. When I took her to the GP, the cream he prescribed actually escalated the scale and intensity of the eczema more rapidly than anything else. It went from being scaly and itchy, to blistering and splitting the skin. It also spread the condition to the top of her thigh. She was deeply distressed by the whole experience. Ilan prescribed a herbal cream which has worked wonders. We have had two treatments with him and the eczema has completely cleared up, and shows no sign of recurring.

C.R. Warwickshire:
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (I.B.S.)

After many years working in a stressful career, I developed irritable Bowel Syndrome. As Western Medicine offered no effective treatment for this condition, I tried several complementary therapies before choosing Dr. Shahor as a practitioner who is both professionally qualified as a doctor and trained in Chinese Medicine by the renowned Acumedic Clinic.

Regular treatment with Chinese Herbs and acupuncture improved my health enormously and boosted my energy levels. I found Dr. Shahor’s warm and supportive approach invaluable and highly recommend him.

Menopausal Symptoms, Period Pain, Hormonal

Collette, the Mum, 46, was going through the menopause and experiencing a whole raft of associated problems including severe anxiety attacks, acute feelings of suicide and of wanting to harm others close to her, uncontrollable tremors over her whole body, outbursts of heavy weeping and the like. After a combination of acupuncture and herbal treatment her symptoms have all but disappeared. Dr Shahor is now working towards weaning her off the HRT treatment she is currently on.

Rivka, the daughter, 18 years old, has a history of severe abdominal pain associated with her menstrual cycle. She is also very prone to minor infections and gastro-intestinal upsets. A combination of acupuncture and herbal treatment is producing a marked improvement in all these conditions.

Tod, the dog, a 12 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, developed a marked limp in his left foreleg associated with arthritis in his shoulder. After only two weeks herbal treatment the limp had almost disappeared. A much reduced dosage is now maintaining him in a very active condition having regard to his advanced years.

Dave, the Dad, 66, had been suffering from a painful and extremely swollen knee for over a year. His GP had prescribed only pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs on four successive visits. The condition deteriorated to the extent where he had a continuous limp and was unable to walk without pain. After acupuncture and herbal treatment he is now power walking for up to about 5 miles a session with no discomfort at all.

Mr Smith:

“I started to see Dr. Shahor after the doc at the hospital told me the only way to treat my arthritis was with loads of pills and that it might not work and will never go away! I have been having acupuncture now for over a year and from being in very bad pain 2 or 3 times a week and as of today I have had no pain in my fingers for over 3 months, its amazing really but it works and it works really well!!”

Sandy B:
Lower Back Pain, Tennis Elbow, Foot Pain

“I have visited Ilan for various conditions, feet, back and tennis elbow. All have improved dramatically my tennis elbow which my doctor wanted to operate on was completely cured. I would recommend trying acupuncture before most operations. Ilan is professional and understanding.”

Peter Williams:
Lower back pain and Gout

My G.P. recommended trying acupuncture to relieve acute lower back pain caused by arthritis in the spine, for which my medication was no longer considered suitable due to risky side effects. Fortunately I discovered Ilan Shahor who achieved astonishing results, way beyond my expectations. I was in quite a bad way, having to avoid long distances and walk much slower due to pain and stiffness. However after a short time things improved immensely and I can now walk considerable distances without any problem at all. Ilan also treated me for gout, which is now not just relieved but eradicated completely thanks to a herbal medicine which he prepared for me. As a fully qualified doctor Ilan is clearly no ordinary acupuncturist and I am immensely grateful for his skill in restoring me to full mobility.

Peter Williams, Nuneaton.

Frances Milne:
Trigeminal Neuralgia

I suffered very badly from excruciating pain in my jaw which was diagnosed as trigeminal neuralgia. The symptoms worsened, I couldn’t sleep or eat properly, and conventional medicine proved not only ineffective, but made me feel considerably worse. A friend recommended Ilan Shahor and I went to see him as a last resort. He successfully treated me with acupuncture which ultimately brought about complete relief. To enhance this treatment he provided a herbal remedy and, even better, he explained how I could aim to prevent future attacks altogether by avoiding certain foods. Ilan obviously has a remarkable understanding of how Chinese medicine can deal with painful health problems and I highly recommend him to anyone with such issues.

Frances Milne, Nuneaton.

Lynn Shaw:

After being diagnosed with diverticulitis in 1990 and having a diet that was so restricted over the next 23 years till I wasn’t able to eat virtually anything and journeys had to be planned around toilet stops.
Since meeting Ilan my life has been transformed and I can now eat virtually anything. He has given me my life back.

Thank you Ilan.

Lynn Shaw

Mr. P.S.
Lower Back Pain/Hip Pain/High Blood Pressure.

I had always filed acupuncture along with crystals and astrology, indulged in by cranks and left-over hippies.
What made me try it was that I had tried everything else, yet the pain in my hips and lower back was still getting me out of bed and into a hot bath at all hours, and conventional medicine had nothing left to offer except pain management.

A friend – a no-nonsense, down to earth, practical type – told me that he had been offered a free acupuncture session by his employers. He had taken it up, not because he thought it had anything to offer him, but because it was free and on the firm’s time.

He was amazed at the outcome in that it had unfrozen a shoulder which had been giving him grief for a long time, and had even, he said, managed to wash his hair in the shower, something he hadn’t been able to do in years.
So in a spirit of ‘there’s nothing to be lost’, I searched through the web and lighted on The Burbage House Health Clinic – which, to be honest, I chose because it was the one nearest my house, although I did check that they were members of the national body of acupuncturists.

The first session was a very thorough interview about my medical condition and history, which lasted about an hour and was followed by the first session of acupuncture.

I don’t like needles, but acupuncture needles are very thin and very flexible, and they are not inserted very far. They don’t hurt, but they do create a sensation which I found puzzling. Sometimes it’s a localised feeling of cold or sometimes warmth. Sometimes the sensation spreads over a limb, sometimes it creates something like a surge of energy which can be felt over the whole body. Sometimes the sensation is in a part of the body completely different from where the needle is inserted. Very strange.

Anyway, I got back in the car and had driven for a couple of miles before I realised that something was missing – the pain had gone.

I had been warned that it might return after a couple of days, and follow up sessions would be needed. In the event, it took nearly a week to come back. It took about four sessions to get rid of it completely, and I have now been pain-free for nearly a year.

How does it work? Nobody knows, but work it does. I was so impressed that I asked if it might be used to treat my chronic high blood pressure, again something that conventional medicine had had little effect on. I was warned that it was difficult and would take time, but my blood pressure is now very nearly down to normal whereas before they used to tap the dial thinking it was malfunctioning, the pressure was so high. In fact, acupuncture has been used by the Chinese for millennia to cure all the ailments flesh is heir to; what I have been saying to friends is, “Try it”; its effects have been, for me, remarkable.

Mrs. A.M.
Sinuses problems

As I was going on a long-haul flight to China I wanted to see if I could find a cure for the sinus pain I get when the plane descends.  I usually find this very painful indeed and have tried a number of “cures” but with little benefit.  I thought I would see if acupuncture would be of assistance and, having received treatment from Ilan Shahor for a number years I thought I would see if he could help.  Outcome – I was totally free of pain!  I recommend Ilan for his ability to help and treat a number of ailments.  Ilan is also a very gentle and good natured man with a sense of humour which is also very important when dealing with people.

Mandie Marlow


I have had Vertigo for a number of years, last year it was happening every five weeks, it was debilitating and I was having to take time off of work on a regular basis.  My GP diagnosed Migraine despite there not being any symptoms and prescribed beta blockers.  Having previously seen Ilan many years before, acupuncture seemed the obvious choice. After 3 months treatment I am no longer having Vertigo attacks at all and haven’t felt dizzy in months.  Ilan has also worked with my reoccurring ear infections and shoulder pain which have both cleared up.  I recommend Ilan and acupuncture to everyone I know. Mandie


Shoulder problem (Calcinated tendon)

‘For the last two years I have been suffering from a calcinated tendon in the left shoulder. With the pain gradually worsening (I was often unable to sleep at night) and with my only option appearing to be surgery, in January I paid my first visit to Dr. Shahor.

Weekly visits & herbal medication seemed to make no difference to my condition for the first few weeks, then a corner was turned & improvement was rapid. By the beginning of April I was able to sleep normally & could even play competitive golf again. Speaking as someone who has never believed in acupuncture I can honestly say that I certainly believe in its potential benefits now. Many thanks to Dr. Shahor.’

As they say – ‘Everything comes to he who waits’.


G Clancy

Back pain

I have been visiting the above clinic since June 2013.

After a month in hospital with a spinal problem it was decided that the way forward was a
back operation.  However,  after intensive research I decided to make an appointment with Dr Ilan Shahor at Burbage Clinic for Chinese Acupuncture  for treatment, instead.

I knew and understood the treatment might take time and patience.
Dr Shahor has the ability to listen with intensity while analysing the problem.  He is highly professional and treat his patients with care and courtesy.

Over the last three years I have been treated for numerous health problems by Dr Shahor
with excellent results, not least my back problems. I now live a normal life and happy to say
“without a back operation”.

The premises and surroundings at Burbage are clean and tidy. The friendly, professional staff at reception are most efficient and helpful.

Sometimes in life one comes by chance in contact with the right person at the right time and more than once by luck.  I surely have!

Highly Recommended.

G Clancy

Arthur Gearing


It gives me great pleasure to give this testimonial to Dr Ilan Shahor.
Over ten years ago I was told by my audiologist that I was suffering from
tinnitus in both ears. As far as they were concerned there was no cure and all they could offer me was counselling “Living with Tinnitus” plus hearing aids to help with the problem. These proved to be useless,if anything it made the situation worse so I ceased using them and accepted that I had this problem and lived with it.
I read in a national newspaper that a chap had been helped with his Tinnitus by a local acupuncturist so on that I contacted Dr Ilan Shahor in Burbage and after a course of Chinese herbs and acupuncture I can say that my Tinnitus is 80% better, it is now so low key that I hear better, sleep better, in general feel all round healthier in myself.
I know it will never be 100% but I am 71 years old and know my hearing is starting the downward spiral but I can live with that.
So I must thank and fully recommend Dr Ilan Shahor to anybody who like me had been told nothing could be done for their Tinnitus.

Arthur Gearing

Lucy Hogg
Arthritis of the knees

Four years ago I could barely walk and in crippling pain with torn cartilages in my knees from over exercising.
After only a few treatments of Accupuncture the pain began to diminish. I am now able to walk, dance and go to the gym and enjoy a pain free life. I trust Ilan implicitly and whenever I have any form of illness I go to him rather than my GP.
It is so easy to book an appointment and the clinic is warm and friendly and I’m always greeted with a smile.
I cannot thank Ilan enough for his range of expertise and professionalism. I highly recommend Ilan to anyone who has health issues.

Lucy Hogg

Fertility Problems

After conceiving my first child naturally and easily I was unable to conceive again. After 3 1/2 years of trying and feeling desperate we made the difficult decision to embark on IVF. We completed two cycles of IVF. Both of these cycles resulted in no eggs being fertilised. This only happens to 5% of couples and it happened to us twice.

Tests completed in preparation for the second cycle of IVF showed I had high levels of natural killer cells and anti-nuclear antibodies; basically my immune system was preventing me from getting pregnant. This was treated with steroids to suppress my immune system. However both clinics attributed the main reason I wasn’t getting pregnant to my age as I was over 40 years old.

The IVF had taken its toll both emotionally and financially. I started looking for natural ways to get my immune system working correctly which led me to Ilan.
I went into my first consultation feeling that my situation was hopeless but Ilan did not seem phased by my situation at all.

Initially I took a course of mushroom based herbal medicine for 3 months to regulate (rather than suppress) my immune system along with acupuncture. The steroids I had taken during IVF had left me feeling awful but the medicinal mushrooms had no side effects. After taking the course of mushrooms, I started taking herbs daily and continued with acupuncture to strengthen my kidneys. Over time I started to notice some small changes;
my energy levels improved and my weak bladder became a lot stronger.

Nine months after starting treatment with Ilan and at the age of 43, I become pregnant naturally and gave birth to a health baby. We cannot imagine life without her. I honestly believe that if I had not had treatment with Ilan that I would not have had another baby. My only regret is that I did not find Ilan sooner.


Thumb Joint Problems

I came to Ilan Shahor a few months ago with trigger thumb in both of my hands, having seen several doctors who were unable to help me at all. It was painful and I was unable to move the joints in my thumbs at all. This was causing me a great many problems in my daily life.
Since receiving acupuncture I am no longer in any pain at all. I can grip with both thumbs and now have quite a lot of movement in my right thumb (which was worrying me the most as I am right handed). My left thumb which had been affected for much longer is also free of pain and has some movement too. I can perform everyday tasks which were impossible before (tying shoelaces, doing up buttons and cutting). My handwriting is back to normal both in neatness and speed (I had previously been forced to write with the pen between my fingers since I had been unable to grip with my thumbs). Dr Shahor also dealt very quickly with another finger which seemed to be developing the problem and sorted this out before it became an issue.
I would recommend this treatment very highly for anyone with similar problems.