Painful Joints are probably one of the most common conditions seen in Acupuncture Clinics. The benefit of Acupuncture in treating these conditions has been well documented and scientifically proven. There can be many reasons for the problem in the Joints. From a medical point of view the pain in the joints is usually arising from acute or chronic inflammation or a problem like a tear or a strain of one of the components of the joint i.e. cartilage ligament tendon etc. Sometimes however the reason for the pain cannot be diagnosed. The joint can be intact but still feel very painful.

In Chinese medicine, medical reasons for the pain are important but not crucial. Whatever the medical diagnosis is, the treatment will aim to allow the body to cure the injury that causes the pain. It will do it by relaxing the muscles, improving blood circulation and strengthening tendons and ligaments. In cases where part of the problem is accumulation of fluids in the joint tissues, the treatment will aim to remedy this situation thus allowing the joints to return to a normal pain free function.

The treatment is effective both if the problem is in one joint like the knee, shoulder, wrist etc., as is often the case in osteoarthritis, and when multiple joints are affected as in more systemic conditions like rheumatoid or psoriatic arthritis.

The success rate of treating joints pain with acupuncture is very high.