Skin conditions are very commonly seen in Chinese Medicine Practice. The reason for this is that on most occasions the treatment given by the GP or the skin specialist is unsatisfactory. Generally in Western Medicine treatment of most skin conditions will be with cream containing steroids. Steroids are very strong and anti-inflammatory and therefore usually very effective in calming red and inflamed skin down. The problem is that the underlying problem that causes the inflammation to begin with has not been cleared. Therefore a short time after stopping the use of the cream the inflammation tends to come back. Long term use of these creams is harmful to the skin and is not recommended.

Chinese medicine however does not just look to calm the inflammation it also looks to treat the cause of the problem. Therefore after a course of treatment the results are usually good and reoccurrence of the problem is rare. In each individual skin condition case an assessment of what is the cause for the skin’s appearance is required. This will be done at the first visit to the clinic through questioning and observation.

Skin problems can arise from different reasons. They can be due to toxins in the blood or due to bad blood circulation, due to heat in different parts of the body, due to immune disorders or due to problems in the distribution of fluids in the body that cause dryness. We also have to look for the reason that cause each of these situations to arise ( diet, stress, allergies, genetic, exposure to toxins etc). After establishing the cause and reason for the condition of the skin the practitioner will prescribe the right treatment to address these specific problems. No two patients will get exactly the same treatment.

The main treatment will be with Chinese herbs – specific combinations of herbs will be composed for each case. The herbs will be chosen to correct the problem that has been diagnosed as causing the condition, for example: toxin draining herb, herbs to regulate the immune system, herbs to reduce heat or moisten the skin etc. Sometimes Acupuncture or herbal creams will also be used. Advice about lifestyle and diet will be given if needed. The overall results of treatment of skin conditions with Chinese medicine are excellent and long lasting. Chinese medicine is very effective in treating many different skin conditions like Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Allergic rash and Urticaria, dry skin and dermatitis. It is also very effective in treating skin related conditions like alopecia (loss of hair) and non-healing ulcers (common in diabetics and the elderly).

The Treatment of Skin Conditions with Traditional Chinese Medicine:
Chinese Medicine is the most effective and healthy way of treating most skin conditions. By understanding the root cause of the disease and by using neutral herbs and Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine achieves significant and long standing improvements.

Acne /Acne Rosacea
In Chinese Medicine the reason for Acne is excess heat and toxins in the stomach and the lungs that manifest in the face as Acne spots. In order to treat the Acne we use herbs that clear heat and toxins from the stomach and lungs and when that has been achieved the acne disperses. The conventional treatment for acne is with antibiotics. The aim of this is to kill the bacteria that are found inside the Acne spots. This treatment is often successful but the Acne tends to come back fully shortly after the antibiotic course has finished. The reason for this is that the antibiotic has not treated the root cause of the acne (excess of heat and toxins in the stomach and lungs). The Chinese herbs however do treat the root of the problem and therefore the improvement is permanent.

Eczema is the most common skin condition and can affect us in different ages,. The conventional treatment of Eczema is the same as the treatment of most skin conditions, with steroid cream. The steroid cream is fairly effective but is highly unhealthy to take long term. It does not treat the root of the problem and the condition is likely to worsen again shortly after the steroid cream is stopped.

In Chinese medicine we separate Eczema into a few different types: in some cases the skin will be very dry and in others very red and itchy, or it can be inflamed and weeping. Each case will have a different meaning in Chinese Medicine. In the first consultation we have to establish the type of Eczema and also look for a cause – excess heat or toxins, blood circulation problems, dryness etc. When we establish these factors we can choose the right treatment for the individual. The results are very good and again it is a long term result.

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin condition. It is common in both men and women and can appear at any age but more commonly between twenty to fifty years old. In Chinese Medicine, as in the case of Eczema, every patient has to be individually assessed for the type of Psoriasis and for the underlying cause of this condition. A treatment of herbs and / or Acupuncture will be prescribed according to the finding of the patient assessment. The success rate is very high and the results are usually permanent.

Other skin conditions
Chinese Medicine is very effective in treating many other skin conditions, a few other examples being Urticaria, dermatitis, Rosacea, and fungal skin conditions. The principles of the treatment are always to get an individual diagnosis of the type of condition and the root cause of it. The herbs used in our clinic are all neutral and of the highest quality. The successes of treating skin conditions in this clinic are very high and the improvement is for the long term.