If you are concerned about the negative side effects and long term dangers of taking Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for post menopausal symptoms and you are considering an alternative then there is very good news for you. Traditional Chinese Medicine can treat postmenopausal symptoms very effectively and safely and without all the long term dangers of HRT. On the contrary, in addition to getting rid of the symptoms (night and day sweats, fatigue, palpitations, irritability and others) you will feel a general improvement in your health and general well being.

According to Chinese Medicine post menopausal symptoms are caused by a massive fall in the kidney Yin energy in women around the age of fifty (in some women it can happen in an earlier age, or following a removal of the ovaries). The kidney Yin energy is generally speaking helping us to stay cool, moist and calm. When it becomes deficient with the age of change the woman starts to feel the symptoms of hot flushes, irritability and dryness. When the Yin is very low, other systems of the body become unbalanced and other symptoms like fatigue, insomnia, depression and forgetfulness are common.

The treatment of menopausal symptoms with Chinese medicine is simply to give herbs and /or use acupuncture points that supplement the Yin energy and reduce heat. As a result the symptoms will gradually disappear. When the symptoms have stopped we can gradually reduce the treatment without the risk of the symptoms coming back. The success rate of treating menopausal symptoms with TCM is very high.